Your children will enjoy playing in our safe, fun and secure child-minding service while you enjoy your workout 

With opening hours to suit your schedule, you can rest assured your children are well cared for by our qualified staff while you enjoy the Karratha Leisureplex.

Creche entry fees

Entry x10 x20 x50
Per child (up to 90 mins) $5.60 $50.40 $89.60 $210
Per child (90 to 180 mins) $8.70 $78.30 $139.20 $326.25
Frequently asked questions

How old does my child have to be?

We can care for your child from 8 weeks to 12 years old.

I’m new to using KLP Crèche – what do I need to know/do?

  1. Read our guidelines here.
  2. Complete enrolment form. Paper based, or webform here. This includes medical information and must be completed.
  3. Pack supplies for your child such as enough nappies, snacks (no nuts please). Read about what to being below, or in the guidelines above.
  4. Visit reception on arrival and pay for entry.
  5. Ensure your child is feeling well and not sick - we are unable to care for sick children or children with a contagious illness or communicable disease.
  6. Sign your child in, settle them, say goodbye calmly and confidently and leave to make best use of your child-minding service.

What should I bring?

To ensure that your child has a smooth and enjoyable time at crèche please make sure that they bring the following clearly labelled items;

  • A bag for belongings. 
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear. 
  • Spare clothing.
  • Disposable nappies, wet ones or underwear. 
  • Bottles and/or drinks, preferably water.
  • Snacks – We observe a Nut Free Policy. If a child brings a product containing nuts, they may not be allowed to eat it until they have left the Crèche.
  • Dummy, if required.

My child hasn’t been child minded much, how do they settle in?

Every attempt will be made by Crèche staff to make the settling in experience as positive as possible. 
Read our tips on separation anxiety in the Creche guidelines here.

To assist children and their families to adjust to the transition that is involved with coming to the Crèche, staff will ensure that they offer a safe, secure and clean environment that welcomes the children and the family.

Whenever possible a new child should be introduced to the Crèche gradually. Short visits or stays before the children is due to stay longer in the Crèche will help them to become familiar with the crèche staff and the crèche environment. When a child first starts Crèche staff are encouraged to speak to the parents about the following;

  • Specific routines, for example, if the children is toilet training and needs to be taken at certain time intervals.
  • Strategies for settling the child down, especially for babies.

Crèche staff will encourage parents/guardians to say goodbye to their children calmly and confidently. Parents are encouraged to remind their children where they are going and when they will return. Parents are advised not to leave without notifying their child and to ignore protests from the child.
Crèche staff are aware that it can be a very hard experience for parents to be separated from their child, therefore, every effort will be made to help parents and children during this period. Parents are encouraged to discuss any areas of concern with the Crèche staff and be confident that all discussions will be kept confidential.

Will you come and get me if my child needs me?

Yes, if your child is distressed and we believe it is in your child’s best interest, we will find your location on the sign in register and speak to you discreetly.

How do I book and pay?

There is no need to book your child.
Payment must be made upon arrival at reception. Prior to entering Crèche, a card will be given to the parent which is to be presented to Crèche staff when signing your child in. 
You can also pre purchase Creche entry in lots of 10, 20 or 50. These will be added to your KLP access band.
Don’t go over your duration (90mins or 180 mins) as we’ll have to ask you to pay for another session.

We look forward to meeting you and your child, we are sure they'll have a great time with us while you utilse the KLP facilitie

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