Shade Sail Information

Pool Shade Structure Update - May 2024

STAGE 1 - Monday 20 May to Mid-July
- Installation of new support columns between combo pool and splashpad
- Splashpad closed for maintenance and painting
- Combo pool and 50m pool remain open with access via stairs and ramp closest to 50m pool only

STAGE 2 - July/August
- Upgrade and works on existing columns
- Combo pool, 50m pool and splashpad will remain open

STAGE 3 - Dates to be confirmed
- Installation of new shade sail
- Possible pool closures, details to be confirmed

Until then please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for your continued patience.

The retractable pool shades at the Karratha Leisureplex are out of action until further notice after the City uncovered damage to the structure's footings.

Unfortunately, this means the pool shades at the Leisureplex will not be operational while the City undertakes work to investigate damaged footings.

The damage was uncovered during planned minor upgrade works and the structures have been deemed insufficient to achieve structural certification.

Further investigation is required to understand the full extent of the damage and plan for repairs.

This may result in some partial pool closures to undertake geotechnical scanning however details of these will be communicated prior them occurring.

While the shade structure is out of action, the City will be providing additional temporary shade in and around the pool.

The City apologises for the inconvenience caused and will keep users and the community informed of the status of the investigations and repairs.

Thank you for your understanding and please remember to Slip, Slop, Slap & cover up.

Frequently asked questions

Will you be providing temporary shade?

Some temporary shade will be provided around the pool areas, however this will be limited to portable gazebos that can be easily packed away if required.

Can you put shade over the full 50m pool while you undertake the repair?

Council has requested a design for shade over the 50 metre pool. This work is ongoing however there is no temporary shade over the 50m pool. 

Can we bring and set up our own shades at the pool?

Yes, the general public can bring their own portable shades to the pool under the following conditions:

  • Shades are to be no larger than 3mx3m
  • All shades must remain in place and not be able to fall or blow over
  • Pegs and guy ropes to secure shades are not allowed to be used due to potential damage to property and/or people.  Shades need to be secured by being weighed down
  • Customer shades need to remain on pool deck greater than 1.2m away from the water bodies

Staff may request customer shades be moved or removed at any time

Will you have sunscreen available to the public?

Yes, a small amount of sunscreen is available for use by patrons of the aquatic centre if customers have forgotten or run out of their own.

Thank you for your understanding and please remember to Slip, Slop, Slap & cover up

Why doesn’t the City install permanent shade/roof over the pools instead of retractable shade?

Retractable shades are generally favoured with outdoor pools, the structural requirements of retrofitting a permanent shade over the water bodies at the Leisureplex would be significant given the existing design, underground infrastructure and services. UV can also play an assistive role in the treating/disinfecting aquatic water bodies, so having portions of the pools water exposed to sunshine isn't a bad thing. During winter, the ability to have a portion of the pool water exposed to the sun also helps with temperature regulation.


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